Monday, January 19, 2009


IN Wilson Co. Chancery Court Records 1842-1892:
William W. Masterson, administrator of Ballard Chumney, against Lewis Chumney of Claiborne County; Delina Chumney, widow of said Ballard Chumney; and John Chumney as guardian of David, Margaret, Jane, William, and Elizabeth, all minor children of said Ballard. Said Ballard came to the said Masterson's house on his way to Mexico in 1847 and died there. Among other things, said Masterson is seeking direction as to how to dispose of $400 of counterfeit notes. 9 May 1851. (p.142-145)

Bill of complaint of Thomas Sadler against Erastus Smith and A. Young, administrators of B. C. Chumbley; Daniel Chumbley and wife Eliza, Thomas Dunn and wife Rachel, John Chumbley, Richard Chumbley, Jimmy Chumbley, and Elizabeth Chumbley of Wilson County; Ross Keath and wife Polly of DeKalb County; John Tarpley and wife (Martha) of Illinois as the only heirs of Richard Chumbley; and Lafayette Sadler, George Sadler, Polly Jones, the widow of James Jones who has since the death of said Jones married a man whose name is not known, Theophilus West and wife Martha, the only heirs of William Sadler. The land of William Sadler deceased should be sold an equally divided between Thomas Sadler, Lafayette Sadler, and George Sadler, the children of William Sadler. Defendants Martha and Polly, also daughters of William Sadler, were to receive only five dollars. Thomas Sadler states that his grandmother, Jane Sadler, who is now dead gave the tract of land to the said William Sadler. 14 Apr 1869. (P.524-529)

Bill of complaint of W. R. Lewis against George Lewis, R. B. Chumbley and wife Mary, R. P. McClain, J. W. Roberts and wife Mary, William Allen and wife Cynthia, E. F. Robertson and wife Peggy, Paralee Robertson, Sam Cooper and wife Susan, Peter Lewis, and Fannie Lewis of Wilson County; William Bogle and wife Elizabeth of Kentucky; and S. K. Lewis of Texas. About 1865, Carroll Lewis died, leaving a tract of land bounded on the north by the dower of the widow. The orator is a son and one of the heirs of Carroll Lewis. When he purchased the tract of land, he thought his father had a clear title to it, but he did not. It belonged to the heirs of William Chumbley of five out of eleven of them. The orator needs the assistance of the court from being grossly wronged. 24 Jun 1876. (P.486-487)

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