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Forwarded from the Smith Co. mail list.

Vonda Dixon <>

Greetings -
To try to make this long and wonderful story a bit shorter I'll try to condense. For 2 years I've called and written everywhere I could think of trying to find the burial place of Pleasant Rawley who died in Huntersville,VA (now WV) very early in the war. Finally the 'right' person was contacted and the cemetery was located. Our boys were buried in the town cemetery amongst the townspeople. Over time the graveyard was largely destroyed but is currently being reconstructed by some terrific folks. It's been found and verified 13 TN soldiers are resting there. If any of these names are known to you and you'd like to be informed of the cemetery progress, gravestones, or memorial (someday when it's all together) or could add bios or pictures to the records we'd love to hear from you! If there are any other names that could be added to this list please send them along, even if it's a guess - I can do the research to verify. (I love research and am doing the research for the WV folks.) Please forward this list to anyone who might be interested.
Below are the names we have verified:

8th TN Infantry:
Pvt. Pleasant Jefferson Rawley, Co. G (was briefly K) Capt. Quarles Co.
Pvt. Samuel Poteet, Co. F (also known as D and Capt. Cullom's Co.) Pvt. Harrison Carter, Co. G (was briefly K) Capt. Quarles Co.
Pvt. M. V. Ashlock, Co. B, Capt. W.B. Petty's Co.
Pvt. John Davis, Co. B, Capt. W.B. Petty's Co.

16th TN Infantry:
Pvt. George W. Drake, Co. I
Pvt. O.D. Neal, Co. E
Pvt. J. A. Miller, Co. G (drummer)
Pvt. William Womac, Co. A
Pvt. Thomas R. Matheny, Co. K
Pvt. Wallace McPeak, Co. G, (he was only 17) Pvt. Thomas Knowles, Co. K

8th TN Cavalry (Smith's) :
Pvt. James Thomas, Capt. D.W. Alexander's Co. (Marshal Rangers)

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