Sunday, August 9, 2009

Puppies and kids

Boy puppy aka "Squirmy":

Boy puppy:

Boy puppy:

Girl puppy:

So, Jenny's comment on my last post reminded me that I need to update my blog. Here are some recent pics of the pupperdoodles as I like to call them. They are doing great. We lost two but we have four that seem to be doing well. One of them we call Squirmy because he is... well... squirmy. He is very small, definitely the runt of the litter. I've kind of grown attached to him though. The other three are definitely NOT SMALL as you can see.
We have been doing great. Summer has come to an end for the kids at least. They start back to school tomorrow (Monday). They are so excited. I know it won't be long before they are not excited anymore, but irritated that they have to get up early instead of watching T.V. I'm guessing about Wednesday for Katie, maybe Friday for Chas.
Katie is quickly becoming too cool for me. Too cool for any of us, really. She informed me not long ago that she is ready to move out. She is seven. Oh boy. That's all I have to say about that.
Chas is still the most adorable child ever. He recently picked out some fire engine pajamas when we were out shopping for school clothes and I couldn't resist. He loves them and they are the cutest thing ever! It has become painfully clear to me that his days of cuteness are numbered and I am holding on for dear life. So, I bought him another pair of pajamas (Mario Kart) yesterday just for good measure. They aren't as cute as the fire engine pajamas, but they will do. I have always desperately tried to keep Chas little for as long as possible, but time marches on and I know the inevitable is soon approaching.
But it is not here yet and I am going to enjoy every minute of cuteness that I have left. Tonight he told me that he really wished he was a dog because then he could dig in the yard whenever he wanted to. The cutest thing he does, though, is recite commercials. He loves commercials and gets so excited over the claims they make about the product/place/etc., I love how gullible and innocent he is. The other day he saw a commercial about some weight loss thing and he goes to Eric and says, "Daddy, do you want to be skinny like Mommy? Here is what you need to do... " it was so funny. Eric thought that I put him up to it, but I did not.
I feel like I should say something more about Katie. Katie is desperate to be grown up and it is killing me. She wants a cell phone so she can text her friends (never mind that none of them have cell phones). She wants her own facebook page. She wants her own web show. What is a web show anyway??? She wants, she wants, she wants! She does NOT want to hold my hand in public. Ever. She wants her own room. At least three times a week she wants to go live with Aunt Betsy, because as she once told us, "her kids have never even cried... ever!" Aunt Betsy is the best mother on the planet according to Katie. She never makes her kids clean up, or eat their vegetables, or turn off the T.V., etc., Katie is just sure of it. The other thing that Katie is known for is her drama. Oh the drama! She gets hurt/sick a LOT. And it is very dramatic. The slightest little thing sends her into a tailspin of emotions. The other day she was wailing because she hurt her knee. I glanced at the knee and it looked fine to me. When she wouldn't quit squalling about it, I asked her, rather impatiently, what she wanted me to do about it, to which she replies, "Well, at least LOOK at it! Be a M O T H E R!" I thought that was pretty funny. I love my Katie even though she drives me crazy and I know she loves me too. The truth is, she reminds me of myself a lot when I was her age and I try to remember that when I am at my wits end with her. I caught her trying to shave her legs the other day, so I showed her the scar on my leg that I got when I tried to cut the hair off with scissors when I was about her age because I didn't know you were supposed to use a razor, I just knew my Mom didn't have hair on HER legs.
Oh well, this is life and life is good.

Monday, January 19, 2009


IN Wilson Co. Chancery Court Records 1842-1892:
William W. Masterson, administrator of Ballard Chumney, against Lewis Chumney of Claiborne County; Delina Chumney, widow of said Ballard Chumney; and John Chumney as guardian of David, Margaret, Jane, William, and Elizabeth, all minor children of said Ballard. Said Ballard came to the said Masterson's house on his way to Mexico in 1847 and died there. Among other things, said Masterson is seeking direction as to how to dispose of $400 of counterfeit notes. 9 May 1851. (p.142-145)

Bill of complaint of Thomas Sadler against Erastus Smith and A. Young, administrators of B. C. Chumbley; Daniel Chumbley and wife Eliza, Thomas Dunn and wife Rachel, John Chumbley, Richard Chumbley, Jimmy Chumbley, and Elizabeth Chumbley of Wilson County; Ross Keath and wife Polly of DeKalb County; John Tarpley and wife (Martha) of Illinois as the only heirs of Richard Chumbley; and Lafayette Sadler, George Sadler, Polly Jones, the widow of James Jones who has since the death of said Jones married a man whose name is not known, Theophilus West and wife Martha, the only heirs of William Sadler. The land of William Sadler deceased should be sold an equally divided between Thomas Sadler, Lafayette Sadler, and George Sadler, the children of William Sadler. Defendants Martha and Polly, also daughters of William Sadler, were to receive only five dollars. Thomas Sadler states that his grandmother, Jane Sadler, who is now dead gave the tract of land to the said William Sadler. 14 Apr 1869. (P.524-529)

Bill of complaint of W. R. Lewis against George Lewis, R. B. Chumbley and wife Mary, R. P. McClain, J. W. Roberts and wife Mary, William Allen and wife Cynthia, E. F. Robertson and wife Peggy, Paralee Robertson, Sam Cooper and wife Susan, Peter Lewis, and Fannie Lewis of Wilson County; William Bogle and wife Elizabeth of Kentucky; and S. K. Lewis of Texas. About 1865, Carroll Lewis died, leaving a tract of land bounded on the north by the dower of the widow. The orator is a son and one of the heirs of Carroll Lewis. When he purchased the tract of land, he thought his father had a clear title to it, but he did not. It belonged to the heirs of William Chumbley of five out of eleven of them. The orator needs the assistance of the court from being grossly wronged. 24 Jun 1876. (P.486-487)

Cannon County, TN - STILLS

In Cannon County, TN Cemetery Records

DOB 05/09/1903
DOD 10/13/1970
SP: Quixie B.

STILLS, Quixie B.
DOB 01/26/1903
DOD 11/24/1983
SP: Jesse

Cannon Co. Marriages 1838-1899
STILE, Sarah to Lerd FOWLER Jan. 18, 1888 STILES, Josie to L.F. ROGERS April 27, 1889 STILES, Wm. H. to Mary J. BOGLE Feb. 5, 1880 Tennessee Marriages to 2002

14 Oct 1900 (Cannon Co. TN)

Name: Jessie Stills
Spouse: Quikie Melton
Marriage Date: 15 Dec 1929
Marriage County: Carroll
Marriage State: Tennessee

1900 Cannon Co. TN Census (Dist. 15 - Gassaway) Name Age W M Stills 55 (b.1845) M J Stills 39 (Feb 1861) mother of 10 children, 7 are living Laurence Stills (b. 10 Jun 1880) H T Stills 16 (b.Dec 1883) W T Stills 12 (b. Sep 1887) G W Stills 11 (b. Mar 1889) S B Stills 7 (b. Apr 1893) R W Stills 5 (b. Apr 1895) Lizzie Stills 2 (b. Jan 1898)

1910 Gibson Co. TN Census
Name Age
Larnce A Stills 39
Lilly G Stills 32
Charlie Stills 18
Jessie Stills 16
Willie Stills 14
Roy Stills 11
Georgie Stills 9
Grady Stills 7
Minnie Stills 5
Gracie Stills 2 3/12

A couple of doors over:
Name Age
William M Stills 78
Mary Jane Stills 38
William T Stills 32
Robert Stills 24
Dallie Stills 21
Ula Stills 15

Name: Jesse Stills
SSN: 412-24-4493
Last Residence: 46405 Gary, Lake, Indiana, United States of America
Born: 9 May 1903
Died: Oct 1970
State (Year) SSN issued: Tennessee (Before 1951 )

Most of my Cannon Co. TN reference books are for very early records. Here is the only STILL deed I found in Land Deed Genealogy of Cannon Co. TN 1836-1857

Deed Book C
Benjamin Weymouth of Philadelphia to John M. Still of the same place a tract of land in Cannon County. 9 Mar 1839. (p.328-332)
Forwarded from the Smith Co. mail list.

Vonda Dixon <>

Greetings -
To try to make this long and wonderful story a bit shorter I'll try to condense. For 2 years I've called and written everywhere I could think of trying to find the burial place of Pleasant Rawley who died in Huntersville,VA (now WV) very early in the war. Finally the 'right' person was contacted and the cemetery was located. Our boys were buried in the town cemetery amongst the townspeople. Over time the graveyard was largely destroyed but is currently being reconstructed by some terrific folks. It's been found and verified 13 TN soldiers are resting there. If any of these names are known to you and you'd like to be informed of the cemetery progress, gravestones, or memorial (someday when it's all together) or could add bios or pictures to the records we'd love to hear from you! If there are any other names that could be added to this list please send them along, even if it's a guess - I can do the research to verify. (I love research and am doing the research for the WV folks.) Please forward this list to anyone who might be interested.
Below are the names we have verified:

8th TN Infantry:
Pvt. Pleasant Jefferson Rawley, Co. G (was briefly K) Capt. Quarles Co.
Pvt. Samuel Poteet, Co. F (also known as D and Capt. Cullom's Co.) Pvt. Harrison Carter, Co. G (was briefly K) Capt. Quarles Co.
Pvt. M. V. Ashlock, Co. B, Capt. W.B. Petty's Co.
Pvt. John Davis, Co. B, Capt. W.B. Petty's Co.

16th TN Infantry:
Pvt. George W. Drake, Co. I
Pvt. O.D. Neal, Co. E
Pvt. J. A. Miller, Co. G (drummer)
Pvt. William Womac, Co. A
Pvt. Thomas R. Matheny, Co. K
Pvt. Wallace McPeak, Co. G, (he was only 17) Pvt. Thomas Knowles, Co. K

8th TN Cavalry (Smith's) :
Pvt. James Thomas, Capt. D.W. Alexander's Co. (Marshal Rangers)

CHUMLEY in Wilson Co. TN

Wilson County, TN
" Deed Books A and B from about 1795 – 1805 " Deed Books C-N 1793-1829 " Deed Books N-Z 1829-1853 " Chancery Court Records 1842-1892 " Wills & Inventories 1878-1902 " Marriage Records 1876-1896 " Trust Deeds 1828-1868

Wilson County, TN Deeds, Marriages and Wills 1800-1902 This book’s title is very misleading. It actually only covers the following:
Wills & Inventories 1878-1902
Marriage Records 1876-1896
Deed Books A and B from about 1795 – 1805

Here is what I found in the deeds that might interest you. The earliest entry I found was:
In Wilson Co. TN Deed Book M
James Richards to Daniel CHUMLEY 41 acres on Fly Blow Creek of Smith's Fork. 26 May 1828. (p.213)

Wilson Co. TN Trust Deeds
James M. Coleman and wife Elizabeth of Caldwell Co. Kentucky appoint Robert L. Williamson of the same lace their power of attorney to receive any money coming to the said Elizabeth from the estate of her father, Pleasant Chumney. 24 Feb 1865. (p.309-310)

Wilson Co. TN Deed Book X
Frank Hathaway, Plesant Chumley, D. Chumley, Nancy Harvey, Richard Chumley, and Sally Chumley, the legatees of William Chumley, to Isaac Harvey 50 acres on Smith's Fork. 29 Sept. 1848. (p. 380-381)

Virginia Wills and Administrations - MERCER

This book only covers wills and administrations through 1800.
Berkeley Co. VA
Edwd. 1783 will

Brunswick Co. VA
James 1791 inventory

Essex Co. VA
Isaac 1716 inventory

Frederick Co. VA
John 1749 will
Edward 1763 will

Isle of Wight Co. VA
James 1734 will

Lancaster Co. VA
Isaac 1780 will

Norfolk Co. VA
Christopher 1711 administration
Thomas 1718 will
John 1751 will
John, Jr. 1771 will
Turner 1793 will

Southampton Co. VA
Jno. 1775 will
Robt. 1775 will
Jno. 1789 inventory

Spotsylvania Co. VA
Hugh 1777 will
James 1795 will

RODGERS - Wilson Co., TN

In Wilson Co. TN Deed Books C-M

Deed Book I
William Harris to Thomas Rodgers 107.5 acres on Kitching Creek. 19 Sept 1821. (p.174)

That is the only listing for Thomas Rodgers in Wilson Co. Deed Books A-Z (1796-1853)

The earliest ROGERS listing in Wilson Co. TN Deed Books is:
STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA GRANT 2553. 640 acres to James Rogers. 7 March 1796. (p. 248)

In Sistler’s Index to Early TN Wills and Administrations 1779-1861:
Thomas 1824 Wilson Co. TN (wb-#51)