Monday, October 13, 2008

Wilson Co. TN Deeds, ARBUCKLE

In Wilson Co. TN Deed Book P
George J. Cain to William Arbuckle a town lot in the town of Cainsville. 20 December 1829. (p.298)

Deed Book S
James Bond to William Arbuckle four acres on Fallen Creek. 25 March 1839. (p.203)
James Bond to William Arbuckle 45 acres on Fallen Creek. 30 March 1839. (p.204)

Deed Book U
E. A. Jackson to William Arbuckle 170 acres on Fall Creek. Witnesses: A. C. King and Armstrong Ozment. 13 Nov. 1842. (p.189)

William Arbuckle to Francis Puckett 45 acres on Fall Creek. 30 Nov. 1842. (p.503)

Deed book X
William Arbuckle to John Arnold 24 acres on Fall Creek. 28 Oct 1845. (p.427)

Deed Book Y
The heirs of John Bone deceased, to wit, E. C. Bone, Asenah Payne and her husband, John W. Bone, James T. Bone, Robert Bone, Samuel Bone, and Jane Bone to William Arbuckle 66 acres in Wilson County. 10 March 1851. (p.193)

William Arbuckle to Jeremiah Belt a tract of land on Fall Creek. 1 Feb 1851. (p.541-542)

Deed Book Z
William Arbuckle to Moses W. Bettes 66 acres on Fall Creek. 27 Nov 1852. (p.269)

James Baird to William Arbuckle 108 acres on Fall Creek. 16 May 1853. (p.269-270)

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