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James 1849 Gibson Co. TN
Joseph 1821 Rutherford Co. TN
Joseph 1832 Rutherford Co. TN

In Rutherford Co. Chancery Court Records 1845-1867
Minutes Book A
Kiziah Arbuckle versus Armstrong Gaines, and others. Complainant and her brother, Rush Arbuckle deceased, were seized in fee as tenants in common of 50 acres. Said Armstrong Gaines by false and fraudulent representations to complainant and the said Rush induce them to execute a deed to him. It appears to the Court that the said Gaines paid no consideration to the complainant and her brother. 16 Oct 1848. (p.300-301)

In Wilson Co. TN Deed Book P
George J. Cain to William Arbuckle a town lot in the town of Cainsville. 20 December 1829. (p.298)

Deed Book S
James Bond to William Arbuckle four acres on Fallen Creek. 25 March 1839. (p.203)
James Bond to William Arbuckle 45 acres on Fallen Creek. 30 March 1839. (p.204)

Deed Book U
E. A. Jackson to William Arbuckle 170 acres on Fall Creek. Witnesses: A. C. King and Armstrong Ozment. 13 Nov. 1842. (p.189)

William Arbuckle to Francis Puckett 45 acres on Fall Creek. 30 Nov. 1842. (p.503)

Deed book X
William Arbuckle to John Arnold 24 acres on Fall Creek. 28 Oct 1845. (p.427)

Deed Book Y
The heirs of John Bone deceased, to wit, E. C. Bone, Asenah Payne and her husband, John W. Bone, James T. Bone, Robert Bone, Samuel Bone, and Jane Bone to William Arbuckle 66 acres in Wilson County. 10 March 1851. (p.193)

William Arbuckle to Jeremiah Belt a tract of land on Fall Creek. 1 Feb 1851. (p.541-542)

Deed Book Z
William Arbuckle to Moses W. Bettes 66 acres on Fall Creek. 27 Nov 1852. (p.269)

James Baird to William Arbuckle 108 acres on Fall Creek. 16 May 1853. (p.269-270)

In Wilson Co. TN Wills and Inventories 1889-1896
William Arbuckle Will. 25 Oct 1866. Heirs: wife Mary Arbuckle. At her death, then to our brothers and sisters to wit, Joseph Arbuckle, Raulston Arbuckle, Kissiah Arbuckle, Lucy Owen, Mary Dillon, Polina Finch, T. R. Harris, D. F. Harris, P. W. Harris, Samuel H. Harris, Elizabeth Cock, Nancy Cock, Hannah Harris, and Lucy Wortham. Recorded 23 Sept. 1891. (p.189-190)

I also checked North Carolina Wills 1665-1900 – no ARBUCKLE

In Virginia Wills and Administrations 1632-1800
Accomack Co.
Wm. 1751 will
Katherine 1758 inventory
Jas. 1785 will

Greenbrier Co.
Mathew 1781 inventory

Also in Abstract of Early Kentucky Wills and Inventories:
Franklin Co. KY will book A (1795-1810)
ARBUCKLE, John. Oct. 13, 1796. Feb. 21, 1797. Wife: Hannah. Dau: Betty, George Peyton. Wit: John David, Thomas Doughet.

ARBUCKLE, Samuel. Guardian for Elizabeth Arbuckle, Legatee to John Arbuckle, dec’d., Sept. 15, 1804. Wit: William Brayer, William Payne, Robert Blackwell.

Shelby Co. KY will book A (1795-1804)
LAWERENCE, David. Nov. 10, 1804. Dec. 1804. Children : Hannah, Charlotte, Mary, Betsy, Thomas, James, David. Thomas Arbuckle and wife to have charge of the children. Wit: Solomon Lawerence, Thomas Prather.

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