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Warren Co. Will Book 8
Pg. 169. 9 Nov 1886. Will of Elizabeth Savage. I, Elizabeth Savage do make and publish this as my last will and testament. First I direct that funeral expenses and debts be paid. First, I give and bequeath to my son John H. Savage and my daughter Elizabeth Davis all my money and property of any kind and appoint them my executors. I direct my executors to place over me and my husband George Savage such a monument as they think proper. I have heretofore given John H. Savage my lame mare. Witnessed by W. L. Sleakley Sr. and N. A. Roach. Presented for probate 5 Aug 1889.

Warren Co. Will Book 11
Pg. 60. 6 Jun 1904. Inventory of the goods and chattels of the estate of John H. Savage, dec’d reported by Mrs. O.W. Davis and Frank R. Davis, executrix and executor of the estate.

Pg. 392-400. 13 May 1908. Settlement with Frank R. Davis and Mrs A. W. Davis, executor and executrix of the estate of John H. Savage, dec’d.

Pg 15-20. 30 mar 1903. Will of John H. Savage. I, John H. Savage made a will about 1890 and have made several wills and codicils since that time. I am in better health now apparently than I have been since 1890 and I now by this will revoke and annul all wills and codicils made by me before this time. I now will to my sister Mrs. O.W. Davis for her life, all that part of my home farm which is now enclosed by fence (800 acres) together with so much of the land as lies north of the river and which is not now enclosed. This life estate is given upon the express conditions that she shall reside upon the land and use it as she is now doing. I also will O.W. Davis all my stock, household goods, etc. I prefer that the two south rooms of my law offices in McMinnville shall not be sold but kept as a convenient stopping place for the family. Miss Florence Davis has lived unmarried and has divided her time and toil to aid and care for her mother, sister and brothers – I give to her $1000.00. Witnessed 20 Jun 1903 by J.F. Morford and J. C. Biles. Codicil: 26 Dec 1903. I appoint Frank R. Davis executor to my will to act jointly with Mrs. O.W. Davis. He is to take management of my lands in DeKalb County, Tn and dispose of same. Witnessed by J. F. Morford and J.C. Biles. Codicil: 15 Jan 1904. It is my will that the home place whereon Mrs. O.W. Davis now lives shall remain as part of my estate for 10 years after my death. Witnessed J. F. Morford and J. C. Biles. Codicil: 27 Jan 1904. I have $8000.00 in bonds at People’s National Bank of McMinnville. These bonds are not to be subject to division among my heirs for the term of 10 years. Witnessed by J. F. Morford and J. C. Biles.

Pleasant M. Wade is mentioned in the chancery court records on page 1. That is the only place he is mentioned in this book:

Willis W. and Pleasant M. Wade versus Hardin P. Bostick. The equity set up in the bill has been met. Sep 1844. (p.3-4)

William W. Wade and P.M. Wade versus Hardin Bostic, assignee in bankruptcy, and others. The Clerk is to give an account of the amount paid to complainants. 17 Mar 1845. (p.9-10)

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