Saturday, August 9, 2008

MULLINS listings in Warren Co. TN and Cannon Co. TN

In Warren Co. TN will book 2
Page 271. 1 Oct 1848. Settlement made with D.W. Webb, guardian of Minerva Mullins, formerly Minerva Webb. He produced his ward’s receipts for the full amount due her.

In Warren Co. TN will book 6
Page 51-56. 10 Jan 1870. Will of William Whitlock. Mentions, my daughter Nancy C. Mullins $134.45 “which amount I have paid in part in cash and part she was the instrument of having taken from me by force of arms to my great danger and bodily harm during the War of 1862 to 64 in consideration of so vile an act therefore my will is that she have no more of my estate never.”
(and further down in the will)…
Codicil. 28 Oct. 1871. Should either of my daughters Mary Ann Louisa and Elizabeth Ann Francis died without bodily heir, then the lands willed to them is to fall to the above named heirs, exclusive of Michael Harris Whitlock and Nancy Catherine Mullins, to be forever used for a homestead for them. Presented for probate 2 Aug 1875.

In Cannon co. Deed Book B
Thomas St. John to Ezekiel (Mullins) 30.5 acres on the east fork of Stone’s River. 22 Dec 1836. (p.89-90)

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