Saturday, August 9, 2008

Florence E. BIGLOW, Warren Co. TN will book 1

Warren Co. TN Will Book , Vol. 1
Pg. 127-129. 12 Jul 1909. Will of Florence E. Biglow. First, I want to be decently buried. Second, I want my just debts be paid. Third, I will to my husband George D. Biglow my farm during his natural life or until he marries again. Fourth, after my death and after the termination of my husband’s estate in the farm, I will that my executor sell the farm and pay to my three children Osman N. Biglow, Henry Etter (Henrietta) L. Cummings, and Willard L. Biglow $1800.00 to be equally divided between them. Fifth, I will that my executor pay to my husband the balance of the money my farm brings. Sixth, I hereby authorize that my executor sell said land and make deed to same. Seventh, I appoint my friend A. H. Faulkner executor of this will. Witnessed by A. J. Trail, MD and Eugene E. Northcutt, MD. Codicil. 19 Aug 1909. First, I desire that my daughter Henretta L. Cummings shall have no part of my estate and that my sons will get $900.00 each. Second, I want my executor to sell enough of my property for all my debts to be paid. Witnessed by Eugene E. Northcutt, MD and Bettie C. Kirby.

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