Saturday, August 9, 2008

DUNCAN listings in Cannon Co. TN

In Land Deed Genealogy of Cannon Co. TN 1836-1857 Deed Book F Erin Chery to Oliver C. Duncan a trust deed. 4 Nov 1847. (p.146-147)

Deed Book G
Joseph A. Gooding to Oliver C. Duncan 50 acres. 6 Mar 1847. (p.331-332)

Deed Book L
William C. Alfred and wife Sarah A., formerly Duncan, to J. L. Fare their interest, which is one eighth, in the estate of Oliver C. Duncan. 11 Jun 1856. (p.235-236)

In Sistler's Index to Early TN Wills and Administrations 1779-1861:
DUNCAN, O.C. 1857 ib-1-424 Cannon Co.
DUNCAN, Oliver 1853 ib-1-285 Cannon Co.


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