Tuesday, November 11, 2008

George HAMILTON in Smith and Wilson Co. TN

In Smith Co. TN Chancery Court Book 1
Isaack Clendenon versus Alice Berry and G. W. Hamilton. Subpoena to answer is issued for Alice Berry. 17 May 1825. (p.8)

In Wilson Co. TN Deed Book G
John Hamilton to George Hamilton of Guilford County, North Carolina 150 acres in Wilson County. 28 October 1818. (P.205)

Deed Book I
Joseph Hamilton to George Hamilton four acres on Sugg’s Creek. Witnesses: James Yandell and John Yandell. 23 Dec. 1822. (p.340)

George Hamilton to Samuel Huguely 220 acres on Sugg’s Creek. 23 Dec. 1822. (p.365)

George Hamilton to William Jenkins 100 acres on Sugg’s Creek. 23 Dec. 1822. (P.411)

Deed Book L
George Hamilton to John McCullough a tract of land on Sugg’s Creek, it being a part of the tract of land granted to William Hamilton. Witnesses: Joseph Hamilton and Armstead Lain. 6 Jan. 1824. (p.222)

Deed Book N
George Hamilton to Thomas Hamilton 150 acres on Sugg’s Creek for $1000. Witnesses: Joseph Wright and James C. Hamilton . 4 Nov. 1829. (P.103)

Deed Book R
George Hamilton of Smith County, Tennessee and James K. Hamilton of Tipton County to William Johnston 230 acres on Round Lick Creek. The burying ground whereon Thomas Hamilton and some of his grandchildren are buried is reserved. 12 Dec. 1836. (p.145)

Deed Book U
Joseph Wright and his wife Rach3el to George Hamilton 218 acres on Stone’s River. 29 Dec. 1842. (p.371-372)

Deed Book W
George Hamilton to Samuel Hamilton 180 acres on Sugg’s Creek for $1200. 18 Dec. 1846. (P.86)

George Hamilton to A. Smith 144 acres on Sugg’s Creek. Witnesses: James Drennan and Robert H. Hamilton. 30 April 1847,. (p.252)

In Sistler’s Index to Early TN Wills and Administrations 1779-1861:
G.W. 1854 in Marshall Co. TN
George 1846 in Gibson Co. TN
George 1858 in Wilson Co. TN
William 1840 in Wilson Co. TN

George 1849 in Claiborne Co. TN

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