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GOODING in Cannon County, TN

In the 1850 Cannon Co. Tn census (District 5, Crafts)
Isaac age 50
Nancy age 50
Mary age 25
Melissa age 22
Sarah age 17
Abraham age 15
Martha age 12
Robt. Age 9
Elisabeth age 1

In Cannon Co. TN Land Deed Genealogy

Deed Book A
Thomas Hopkins, attorney for the heirs of G. B. Ross of Warren County, to Martha Gooding of Rutherford County 100 acres in Rutherford County. 16 Dec. 1836 (p.22-23)

Deed Book C
Barbary McConnegal to Abraham Gooding a trust deed. 25 Jan 1838. (p.345-344)

Deed Book D
James Gooding departed this life having purchased of the legal heirs of David Ross 100 acres in Rutherford County. Said heirs of Martha Gooding, the widow of James Gooding, a deed. James McClain and Susannah McClain are heirs of James Gooding. 16 Dec 1826. (P.62-64)

Abraham Gooding, John Cooper and wife Levisy, Nicholas Gooding, Lucindy Gooding, Malinda Gooding, Martha Gooding, James McClain and wife Susannah, Joseph Gooding, and William Gooding to James Gooding their interest in a tract of land in the 12th District. 25 Jan 1842. (p.65-66)

William Gooding to Martha Gooding a trust deed. 10 Nov 1843. (p. 361-362)

Deed book F
James Goodin departed this life, previous to 10 Dec 1836, having purchased of the legal representatives of David Ross deceased 100 acres in Rutherford County on Carson’s Fork of Stone’s River. Martha Gooding, the widow of James Gooding; Nicholas Goodin, John Cooper and wife Visa, and Martha Gooding, Jr., heirs of James Gooding, to Joseph Gooding their interest in the said tract of land. 19 Dec. 1846. (P.12-13)

Abraham Gooding to Isaiah Parker 80 acres on Carson’s Fork of Stone’s River. 12 Jan 1843. (P.152-153)

Deed Book G
James Sisson to William Gooding a tract of land on Carson’s Fork of Stone’s River. Bounded: Martha Gooding and Jesse Sisson. 12 Oct 1849. (p.135-136)

Deed book I
Abraham Gooding to William Leigh 50 acres on Carson’s Fork of Stone’s River. 15 Dec 1840. (p. 166-168)

Deed Book K
Isaac Gooding to Catherine Jameson 53 acres in the 4th District. 25 Aug 1854. (p.466-468)

In Cannon Co. TN Marriages 1838-1899

Abraham to Miss Olive Simpson Sept 20, 1857
Elisabeth to Wm Gooding May 7, 1881
Miss Emeline to J. W. Cook Dec. 2, 1855
J.A. to Nancy E. Sissom Nov. 12, 1882
James to Isabella Todd Oct. 17, 1872
James to Sarah Davis Dec. 18, 1875
Miss Lucinda to John W. Stacy July 12, 1848
Miss Martha to Charles Poff Dec. 16, 1841
Miss Martha to James McClain Aug. 20, 1847
Miss Mary to Hampton Elkins March 2, 1854
Radid? To A.J. Beaty Aug 3, 1839
Richard to Miss Esther C. Carrick Dec. 27, 1866
Robert to Caroline Winily July 26, 1860
Miss Sarah to Arthur N. Smoot Aug.25, 1850
Miss Sarah to W.T. Lemmons Feb. 11, 1869
Susanah to Thomas H. Beaty Jan. 14, 1840
William to Miss Fanny Holt Aug. 6, 1841
William to Miss Nancy Escue March 30, 1854
William to Miss Parlee Stanfield Nov. 17, 1869

No GOODING listings in the Cannon Co. Cemetery Book by Jess Lewis.

There are no GOODING listings In Sistler’s Index to Early TN Wills and Administrations 1779-1861

There are no GOODING listings in Rutherford Co. Chancery Court Records 1845-1867

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