Monday, October 27, 2008


In The History of Cannon County:

Those settling along the valley in and around the present site of Gassaway were: Benjamin Gassaway, for whom the village was named. He was the father of James R. Gassaway, a Mexican War soldier and father of Hiram Gassaway, a progressive farmer of that neighborhood and for many years a member of the County Court. Benjamin was also the father of Charley Gassaway, the first merchant of the village of Gassaway. George Washington Grizzle, Daniel Grizzle, Ira Hollandsworth, Bill Powell, Calvin Smithson, a Mexican solder, John Jetton, grandfather of Bill Jetton and great grandfather of Sheelah Jetton, Madison Wilcher, Jesse McGee, Fountain Owen, Hugh Morris, Hiram Hale, John Melton, father of Luke and Joe; Arch Markum, Sam George, Henry Campbell, Newton Powell, Sutton Tassey, Ben Bullard (who lived to be 106 years old), Thomas Powell, Alexander Higgan, Sr., Jasper Bogle, (first Constable of that district), James Dodd, (the first Juror).

I am directly descended from Daniel Grizzle who supposedly settled in that area at the same time as Benjamin Gassaway. My understanding is that they came from North Carolina by way of Kentucky. I believe they were from the Nash County, NC area.

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