Monday, September 1, 2008

GANT, GANTT wills and administrations in TN

In Sistler’s Index to Early TN Wills and Administrations 1779-1861:
Benjamin R. 1853 Williamson Co. TN wb-10-547
Elizabeth 1849 Marshall Co. TN as-a-193
Jeremiah 1855 Marshall Co. TN wb-a-378
Thomas 1861 Marshall Co. TN as-c-247
William 1816 Maury Co. TN wb-#25
William 1829 Maury Co. TN wb-#174

Fredrick G. 1844 Maury Co.TN wb-a2-107
George H. 1860 Maury Co. TN wb-f-189
J. B. 1846 Hardin Co. TN wb-d-264
Jesse B. 1845 Hardin Co. TN wb-d-184
John 1847 Hardin Co. TN wb-d-328
Jonathan 1847 Hardin Co. TN wb-d-347
Jonathan W. 1847 Hardin Co. TN wb-d-329
William C. 1844 Hardin Co. TN wb-d-73

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